Thursday, September 15, 2005


My trip to the Well of Forgiveness
set my mind churning, so I may as well (pun)
pester this blog as well as others.

papa faucon


"Where then is now?" I asked of She found upon the hill;
withered by other's sorrows --
stooped by needless pain --
but beautiful for all of that.

"To understand you must come a'fore me"

"What color the song?" I implored of She found in forest grove;
strong as the bending willow --
swift as the laughing stream --
but fanciful for all of that.

"To know this you must come a'fore me"

"What does this mean?" I asked myself, lost in the quick of then;
bold as pepper in green tea --
brave as the seeds of miracles --
but a simple man for all of that.

"please grant that I come a'fore thee"

I thought she meant I must reach back
to ancient mem'ries and currents lost,
or to address her from a certain stance,
perchance to see eyes or open hands.

"You came for nothing, else you come fore,"
she whispered before fain twilight gone;
and touched my lips with a dew drop
from a faerie flower yet unborn,
and I knew in an instant
why I was there.

"I give myself permission to fore-bear my dreams --
I fore-give myself for being me --
I will sing of fore-tune as is my right --
And I give to thee fore-ever,
just because I can!"

And as I then had faith,
I needed her not at all --
but She will always be with me,
just a'fore I am.


At 4:21 AM, Blogger Fran said...

So be it, great song, Fran


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